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Zerodoku Puzzle Rules:

Grid Size:

The grid consists of n x n cells, where n ranges from 5 to 12.
Groups (Sections):

Groups are formed by rows and columns of the grid; blocks are not involved. Diagonals may be included in future variations.

Cells containing zero divide groups into segments. Cells with zero are not part of the segments.
Zero Restriction in a Group:

Within a group (row or column), zero can occur at most twice.
Constraints Within a Segment:

No digit can repeat within a segment.
Digits within a segment must form a series, possibly permuted.
Solving Process:

Identify cells with zero; these cells create segments within groups.
Divide groups into segments considering cells with zero.
Check each segment to ensure there are no repeated digits.
Verify that the digits in each segment form a valid sequence.
By following these rules, systematically fill in the grid to solve the zerodoku puzzle. If you encounter specific challenges or have questions while solving, feel free to ask for assistance!

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