Free Daily Puzzle: Masyu 6×6 (0005)

Masyu 6x6
Masyu 6x6
Masyu” Puzzle Rules:

Masyu (also known as “Shiroshinju Kuroshinju”, “White Pearls and Black Pearls”) is a type of logic puzzle. It is played on a rectangular grid of squares, some of which contain circles; each circle is either “white” (empty) or “black” (filled). The goal is to draw a single continuous non-intersecting loop that properly passes through all circled cells. The loop must “enter” each cell it passes through from the center of one of its four sides and “exit” from a different side; all turns are therefore 90 degrees.

The two varieties of circle have differing requirements for how the loop must pass through them:

  • White circles must be traveled straight through, but the loop must turn in the previous and/or next cell in its path.
  • Black circles must be turned upon, but the loop must travel straight through the next and previous cells in its path.

Solution of this Masyu puzzle can be viewed by clicking on button. Please do give your best try to solve this Sudoku puzzle before looking at the answer.

Masyu 6x6 Solution
Masyu 6×6 Solution

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Written by Serhii Kucher

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I am the creator of puzzles. (nonograms, sudoku etc.)
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