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Free Daily Puzzle: Tents 10×10 (0001)


Tents 10×10” Puzzle Rules:

  1. You are presented with a grid representing a campground or forest. In this grid, some cells contain trees, while others remain empty.
  2. Your goal is to place tents in the empty cells in such a way that each tent is adjacent to a tree.
  3. Tents should not be adjacent to each other horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  4. Each tree in the grid must have one and only one adjacent tent.
  5. All cells that are neither trees nor tents should remain empty.
  6. Your objective is to fill the grid with tents while adhering to these rules, ensuring that each tree is associated with one tent and that tents do not touch each other directly.

The challenge in Tents puzzles lies in strategically placing tents around the trees while making sure the rules are followed. Enjoy the puzzle-solving process!

Solve Online: PZPLUS Penpa+

Solution of this Tents 10×10 can be viewed by clicking on button. Please do give your best try to solve this puzzle before looking at the answer.

Tents 10×10 Solution
Tents 10×10 Solution

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