Free Daily Puzzle: Aqre 6×6 (0008)

Aqre 6x6 Puzzle
Aqre 6x6 Puzzle

Aqre” Puzzle Rules:
Shade some cells such that all the shaded cells form a single orthogonally connected region. Numbers indicate the number of shaded cells in a given region. There cannot be a run of more than three shaded or unshaded cells in the grid.

Solution of this Aqre 6×6 puzzle can be viewed by clicking on button. Please do give your best try to solve this puzzle before looking at the answer.

Aqre Solution
Aqre Solution

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Written by Serhii Kucher

Let's get acquainted :). My name is Serhii Kucher. Since 1998 I work as chief editor of the Japanese puzzles magazine "Relax".
I am the creator of puzzles. (nonograms, sudoku etc.)
If you liked my puzzle books, please, would you be so kind to leave a review. If you have any questions about solving a puzzle, feel free to ask me.


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